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Deerwood Jewelers

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1. Are your gemstones synthetic or natural?Y

All our gemstones are of Natural AA/AAA quality, which are some of the best quality gemstones used in fine jewelry globally. We do NOT use synthetic/artificial/lab-created gemstones. Natural gemstones are typically enhanced using accepted industry standards such as heating to improve the color and quality.

2. How do I know that your diamonds/gemstones are authentic?

Each of Diamond exquisite pieces and diamonds are certified by an accredited agency (e.g. GIA, IGI and SGL) and we will provide the certificate along with the product. Certification is a FREE service we offer.

3. What quality are your gemstones?

All our gemstones are of Natural AAA or AA quality, the highest available qualities in the global market. They are eye-clean i.e. there are no inclusions visible to the unaided eye. The emerald is an exception to this because emeralds without inclusions are very rare in their natural form. We hand select natural gemstones only - we do NOT use lab created / artificial gemstones.

4. Are the diamonds sold on the website conflict-free?

Deerwood Jewelers recognizes the great harm caused by conflict diamond mining / trading. Deerwood Jewelers does not sell, purchase or deal in diamonds which were used for fund for conflict or traded in any way in violation of any United Nations Resolution or the Kimberley Process.


1. Do you offer any Warranty?

Our jewelry is guaranteed for one-year against manufacturing defects. Defective pieces will be repaired free of cost within this one-year period.


1. Can I order gemstones which are not listed on the site?

Whether you want a specific quality of a listed gemstone, a specific carat size or you want to make your jewelry in a gemstone not listed on the site, our specially trained customer care team can fulfill all your requests.

2. Can I create jewelry designs not listed on your site?

Absolutely, our brand specializes in working with customers to create unique jewelry. We would love to see jewelry that inspires you and then within 48 hours our designers can send you images and prices of new designs that they create for you based on your specifications (with no commitments or deposits!).

3. Why are our prices so low compared to other online jewelers and retailers?

Jewelry exchange in a traditional market

Manufacturer -->Wholesaler -->Mass Retailer -->Retailer --> You

Markup of 200%-500% is there between you and manufacturer

Jewelry Exchange at Deerwood Jewelers:

Deerwood Jewelers -->You

Deerwood Jewelers ships directly to you from our partners' factory, eliminating middlemen, making sure that you have the best deal on the best product, made exclusively for you!